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The Hartland Area Food Pantry is a resource for those living in the Arrowhead High School District. To find out if you're eligible, follow the steps below.

First step

You must live in the Arrowhead High School District. On the first visit, clients will complete an information form and must provide a drivers license, or other photo ID.

Second step

Each adult client must provide one of the following:

a utility bill, cable bill, phone bill, bank statement, credit card bill or government letter with name and a current address.

Third step

To establish the number in your household, please provide Social Security Cards for each family member.

Other Important Information

Clients may come to the pantry twice per month.

Clients are eligible for food during their first eight visits without proof of need.

Before the eighth visit, clients will provide one of the following documents to qualify for continued help: 

  • WeEnergies Assistance

  • Forward Health Card (with current qualifying letter) 

  • Badger Care Health Card

  • SNAP card (with current qualifying letter)

  • Free or reduced lunch acceptance for children at school

  • Letter from doctor, minister, or social worker stating need and for how long

  • Medicaid card

  • Medicare card

  • SSI disability document

  • (All documents will be reviewed in private and remain confidential)

The Hartland Area Food Pantry is happy to reference clients to other area agencies that can provide additional assistance. Anyone can call 211 for social services assistance.

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